Tango For Musicians Dresden 2018

dancing lessons – milongas and concerts – organization
Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 is an intensive meeting for musicians, dancers and tango enthusiasts which will take place in Dresden, Germany between 19-25 August, 2018 at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber . It’s organized by the Buenos Aires’ based non-profit organization Tango Sin Fin in
collaboration with ¡Bailamos!, and will include a unique tango dance curriculum aimed both at experienced dancers and musicians focusing on different styles of tango music. iBailamos! is Tango Sin Fin’s partner for the festival Tango For Musicians in Dresden in August 2018.


iBailamos! tango dance teacher team

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dancing lessons, práctica and Auditors Day Pass 
WORKSHOP 1 | Wednesday 22.8.2018 – 6.15 to 7.15 pm (Ina and Thomas)
Welcome class – Turns in tango rhythm (“Estilo del 40” – D’Arienzo/Di Sarli)
Dancing to dynamic tango music.
Tango dance as a dialogue: Parallelism and tools to dance together.
In this workshop we’ll build up a complex turn which will include moving with rhythm and pulls, positions and communication between the dancers.
WORKSHOP 2 | Thursday 23.8.2018 – 7 to 8.30 pm (Ina and Thomas)
Dancing to Osvaldo Pugliese
Devices for dancing the rhythmic variations in this very special style.
involving contemporary tangos
We will work in a stop and turn combination which is used for Pugliese’s unique style of playing tango, and which may now be found in many contemporary tango compositions. “Planeo” for woman and moving at different “tempi”.
WORKSHOP 3 | Friday 24.8.2018 – 3.30 to 5 pm (Heike and Christian)
Vals – dancers freedom with three quarters stroke
Dance vals better – the specials of the rhythm variations
Phrasing and the „base“ in vals
Turns in vals
Lets feel and analyze the richness of the rhythm and the emotion of the melody lines in special exercises. And we will practise the dancers realisation in walking, runs and turns.
WORKSHOP 4 | Saturday 25.8.2018 – 3.30 to 5 pm (Heike and Christian)
Milonga – allways in motion
Difference between tango and milonga
Musical forms: milonga traspié and milonga lisa
Tools and exercises for dancing milonga
In this workshop we are working about the “prototype” of tango…and it´s different forms/ styles

PRÁCTICA MIT LIVE MUSIC | Thursday 23.8.2018 – 8.30 to 10.00 pm
Enjoy an evening of tango dance practice among your fellow musicians and the local tango dancers community.

Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 will feature an auditors track designed for those who want to learn more about tango but don’t (or don’t want to) play an instrument, or non-musicians who would like to learn more about the genre.

The Auditors Day Pass includes access to:

  • Tango History Masterclasses
  • “Orquesta Típica” Rehearsals
  • The Fundamentals of Tango Masterclasses
  • Tango Styles Masterclasses

milongas and concerts
The Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 program will also feature several open to the public events, including two milongas with live music, one práctica and two concerts featuring some of the best tango musicians in Europe and Argentina. Access to this events will be available both to those who acquire the DANCERS FULL PASS or individually at the door.

Wednesday 22 August, 2018
Enjoy an evening of tango dance and music on the third night of Tango for Musicians in Europe, featuring an open mic stage for musicians who wish to perform for dancers. A unique opportunity to meet new people interested in tango from all around Europe who’ll be in Dresden for the weeklong program!

Friday 24 August, 2018
Featuring musicians from all over Europe and beyond, this concert gives audiences a chance to hear the amazing work of Tango for Musicians in Europe’s student ensembles. The repertoire will consist of traditional tango arrangements performed by an ‘orquesta típica’ (large tango orchestra) led by renowned violinist and bandleader Ramiro Gallo and new group arrangements of classic tango tunes created and performed by the students of an ‘atypical orchestra’ (featuring unusual instruments in the tango genre, like woodwinds) led by flutist Paulina Fain.

Saturday 25 August, 2018
Straight from Buenos Aires, the world-renowned artistic faculty of Tango for Musicians in Europe featuring Ramiro Gallo (violin), Paulina Fain (flute), Exequiel Mantega (piano), Ignacio Varchausky (double bass), Pablo Jaurena (bandoneon) and Adrián Enríquez (piano) will perform a unique program which will include original tango compositions and arrangements of their own in different instrumental settings, showcasing the vitality of tango and the different influences from inside and outside traditional Argentinian music which enrich and transform the genre in the 21st century.

A very special closing party celebrating a fantastic week of tango music and music making at the end of the first edition of Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018. Featuring live tango music for dancing!

dancers full pass
The DANCERS FULL PASS for Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 includes access to all the activities for tango dancers which will take place during the week, plus the chance to attend as an auditor to some of the lessons of the musicians program. The pass includes:

  • 4 tango dance workshops by ¡Bailamos!
  • 2 milongas with live music
  • 1 práctica
  • 2 concerts
  • 10 tango styles & tango history classes (part of the musicians program)
  • 4 orquesta típica open rehearsals (part of the musicians program)

auditor pass
The AUDITOR PASS for Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 will take the chance to attend as an auditor to some of the lessons of the musicians program, like the orquesta típica open rehearsals (parts of the musicians program).

about ¡Bailamos! Dresden
iBailamos! is a non-profit organization based in Dresden, Germany. Its tango dancing teachers have received their profound education by the European tango pioneers Christiane and Horst Kröniger from the Tangowerkstatt Regensburg/Berlin and masters from Buenos Aires.
The members and teachers of the organization understand tango live music as an important cultural matter and have been responsible for the realization of numerous tango live events in Dresden and Schwerin for many years. ¡Bailamos! has also supported the development of tango music by partnering educational projects aimed at musicians such as the “Método de Tango” (“Tango Method”) bilingual book series and the first “Tango Para Músicos” festival which took place in Buenos Aires in 2014.

about the teachers
Ina Kische is one of the founding members of iBailamos! She took her first steps in tango more than 20 years ago. After a long period of education, she graduated from the Tangowerkstatt Regensburg/Berlin together with Thomas Gottschalk. Her experience in yoga influences her work as a tango teacher. She pays special attention to natural movements in tango dancing and in developing a fine sense for the interpretation of the different styles of tango music of all eras. She has also studied Tourism management at the University of Traffic Engineering “Friedrich List”.

Thomas Gottschalk is one if the founding members of iBailamos! He started dancing tango music more than 20 years ago. He’s educated in tango dance by the Tangowerkstatt Regensburg/Berlin and has worked in Dresden and other parts of Saxony with Ina Kische for more than eleven years. He has traveled many times to Argentina and started organizing tango lessons and events in Dresden after his first contact with Argentine flutist and renowned tango music educator Paulina Fain. He also holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the Technical University of Dresden.

Heike Doll was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden and has been working as  a self-employed artist since 1990. She built up the tango scene in Schwerin with her husband Christian Schmidt-Doll. For many years she has worked both in Dresden and Schwerin and has educated a large number of dancers. Heikes Tango is deeply influenced by her artistic and esthetic experience.

Christian Schmidt-Doll studied music and cultural management and is today the Managing Director of the Pirna Culture and Tourism GmbH. After winning a prize for managing the Dresden Chamber Choir in the middle of the nineties he went to Buenos Aires and took the prize money to take lessons with Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau. With his wife Heike Doll he built up the large tango scene in Schwerin and they have both collaborated with iBailamos! in Dresden on different occasions. Having studied music at the University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber”, his tango lessons are focused on transmitting the technical music aspects and the skills to vary and improvise to dancers.


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